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Xalmat Warrior

Whispered quietly across the universe was the rumour of a steadfast jealousy unbecoming of the semigods towards the Ankaryas Empire. This jealousy led to the creation of the Xalmats to defeat the Ankaryas Empire and remove them from existence once and for all. However, nothing in the universe is ever so simple or straightforward.

Unique in the universe for their unwavering devotion and total submission to their Queen, all actions the Xalmats undertake revolve around her wants and needs as their leader and the sole member of the race able to reproduce. Able to birth incredible numbers of larva in a single day, this responsibility also contributes to her role as the only authority in her society, with all decisions and actions are completely within the Queen’s power and control. Despite most of the eggs she lays being male, the Xalmats live in a matriarchal society. While each male will undergo the same rigorous training as their female counterparts, they will be assigned to lesser community roles such as pilot, soldier or servant. With the Xalmats living long lives of nearly half a century, this decision is absolute and the male Xalmats will follow this chosen path until the end of their lives. The female Xalmats also have their paths chosen for them, but with the aim for more of a larger role within their community such as the highly regarded Queen’s guard, generals, admirals and ambassadors

Admiral Xsdonia

When the Queen is aged and can no longer produce new larva, the Queensguard kill her and will choose her replacement. Following her death, any female is eligible to take the throne but those who wish to be considered for the role must enter a tournament and fight to the death. This ensures only the most capable leader is chosen to lead the Xalmats and create the new generations.

The Xalmats feed from the brains of other races, with more advanced brains being the best and most sought after. To get their food, they capture the race and treat them as livestock to be bread for more sustenance. In the Earth year 2010, the Xalmat farms contracted a deadly virus, killing off their stock and leaving food supplies low. Desperate for a new food source, the Queen Xkranta presented herself to the Council to request support in her decision to invade particular planets to feed her starving people. Earth was one of the planets she hoped to invade and conquer as it had a radically expanding population greater than 8 billion, and the advanced brains of humans offered a satisfying solution to her people’s hunger. With such a fast life cycle, the humans were a great option for farming as they matured fast and could reproduce at a sustainable rate.

The Council, made of the most senior members of the most formidable ancient races and tasked with being neutral decision makers, ruled quickly in favour of invasion. Recognising that the humans were already destroying their own planet and would not have long left if they continued to treat the Earth as they were, the Council allowed the Xalmats to take control. This was an ultimately fair decision, as they not only saved the starving Xalmats, but also the struggling planet Earth and eventually the human race as well.

In the following two years the Xalmats made their plans to attack Earth and gain control of the humans. Recognizing that the human’s weapons were so antiquated and would be ineffective against them, the Xalmats understood that the humans were strong fighters and had the potential to take down at least a few Xalmats soldiers. Hoping to keep casualties to a minimum to ensure as many human survivors as possible could go into farming, the Xalmats decided to consider peaceful assimilation strategies. This was a successful plan, with less than 40 million humans lost in the invasion of the total population; a number that would not be cause for concern.

The war was easier than the Xalmats had anticipated, with over 80% of humans under their control in less than an Earth week. In just one month, 95% of the human population was under their control and they began to build their farms. While the humans struggled in this new situation, the planet

itself was thriving. Without human influence able to produce more pollution, Earth was able to repair itself and return to its former glory as a lush paradise. The Xalmat Queen Xkranta was thrilled with this success; the main food crisis was solved, and her people could feed once more. But despite Xalmat confidence that they were successful, trouble was not far away. With the few remaining humans evading capture having insufficient weapons to pose a threat, the Xalmat forces lowered their defences and elected not to waste resources on having a large army left to control the human population. Instead, Queen Xkranta decided to leave those farming the new food source in charge, with minimal soldier presence responsible for keeping order.

The Xalmats never expected that the Ankaryas Empire would be so bold as to sneak into Earth to aid the humans, or for the human resistance to rise so well. The combination of the human’s fighting ability and the new weapons provided by the Ankaryas made the resistance a formidable foe, leaving the few remaining Xalmats vulnerable in the face of an uprising. When Queen Xkranta received the news of her army’s defeat, she was both shocked and enraged. Calling her generals, she ordered them to assemble a large army and make their way to Earth to reclaim her new territory. However, she was shocked again by the discovery that the humans had joined the Ankaryas Empire.

Furious at the Ankaryans for sneaking the humans into their empire, the Queen demanded the council intervene and allow her to regain control. Informed by the council that the humans had defeated her in a fair fight and therefor joined the Ankaryas as a free race, there was nothing she could do to fix the situation without inciting a war with the Ankaryas Empire without council support. As mad as she was, the Queen was also very wise and knew better than to decide a course of action when she was so filled with rage. Calling her best generals and advisers, they all agreed this was a crushing humiliation and supported her in declaring war against the Ankaryas Empire.

The Ankaryas Empire was already a strong army, but with council support in this illegally waged war along with the new human fighters, the battle against the Xalmats was fairer than anticipated.

During these ongoing battles, a young human general named Evelyn caught the attention of the Xalmat leaders with her brutal fighting style and strong strategic capabilities. With her against them, the Xalmats lost the planet Loris; a stronghold they were confident of keeping due to what they considered an impenetrable defence. This left the Queen nervous and led to her hiring Eskeron assassins to kill Evelyn in the hope of preventing further defeats. Ambushing her quickly, the assassins thought they had killed the young general, but had not planned for the humans to utilize Evelyn’s brain in the cyborg program. Coming back as a cyborg more powerful than they had ever seen, Evelyn was not to be underestimated.

Furious upon hearing that Evelyn was back as a cyborg, the Queen’s anger quickly turned to joy when she heard of Evelyn’s turn against the humans. She was happier again when word reached her of the death of her nemesis King Anubis at Evelyn’s hand, leading to coups in the Ankaryas empire which resulted in its descent into chaos and near ruin.

When she heard Evelyn was making her way to the Xalmat homeland, the Queen could barely contain her confusion at what she considered a foolish move. Boasting what the Queen considered the universe’s best defence systems, Xkranta was unaware of Evelyn’s capabilities to find weaknesses in any defence and the danger the planet was now in. Evelyn’s success in landing her army on the planet was a surprise to all, and while the Xalmats had strategies to protect the Queen and those closest to her, Evelyn had considered that too and was ready. Their plan was to take the Queen and her generals with a small fleet and escape to another system, but another of Evelyn’s

fleet ambushed the fleeing Xalmat ships, destroying them and killing the not only the Queen, but all those who held positions of power in her stead.

Xsodina, the Xalmat Ambassador, was fulfilling duties in the Escaron’s palace when she heard the news of the bitter Xalmat defeat. With the Queen’s death leaving her the most powerful Xalmat left alive and the remaining Xalmats scattered around the universe, Xsodina left her post to aid her race in joining together against Evelyn. With so much unrest and uncertainty it was no time to choose a new Queen, so until such a time as a new leader could be elected it was agreed that Xsodina would remain in charge. Despite being known as the wisest of her people, her decision to join the Last Allegiance to fight Evelyn with the Ankaryans and humans was considered a mistake by many of the remaining Xalmats. It was a confusing time for the defeated Xalmat people, but with Xsodina’s pledges that joining forces now would help them beat Evelyn, the Xalmat’s were confident that their time would come and once more they would have the chance to destroy humans and Ankaryans both.