Earth invasion

The year 2034 is drawing to a rapid close, and Earth is struggling under the weight of missed scientific and technological goals. Despite the efforts of the world’s best minds, humanity has found itself woefully underprepared for the advancements of the circling galactic threats. Recognising the vulnerability of the planet and its people, a breed of fierce warriors known as the Xalmats set their course for an unsuspecting planet Earth.

Galactic rage

Fanatic in their search for new food sources to feed their population, Xalmat forces quickly overtook an exposed and defenceless planet Earth to become the lords of the now cowering 8 billion members of the human population. However, humans have time and time again proved themselves to be a formidable foe, and not all would accept their new fate so easily.

A brave fraction of humans determined to escape the rule of the Xalmat race gain infamy and admiration among their people and earn a heartfelt moniker; A New Hope. Aiming to deny their captors the chance at total domination, this growing rebel group struggle for freedom against an army intent on destroying everything they hold dear. But their desperation to survive is their greatest weapon, and one utilised with every advance of Xalmat military forces.

Egyptian Gods spaceship

While A New Hope was proving to be a worthy opponent for the remaining Xalmats left to protect their new bounty, and with their efforts at freedom ongoing, the human rebellion realised they would need to increase their efforts and seek help to defeat their enemies once and for all! Thankfully, an unlikely ally in the form of the newly arrived warriors from the Ankaryas Empire decided to join the fight to helped people to force out the Xalmat armies in a short time.

Ankaryas Empire helps human

Despite their reluctance to cooperate with the humans, the Ankaryas Empire’s desire to utilise the fighting skills and determination of A New Hope in their bitter battle against their long-time foes the Xalmats outweighed their hesitations, and led to an uneasy alliance with the potential to drastically change Earths chances for survival.

With their expectations of human resistance and defence capability low due to the outdated technologies they observed, the conquering Xalmats had felt little need to waste resources. As such, only a small army were left behind to control what they considered to be an unmatched and enslaved population. It was this lack of understanding of the resilience and grit humans could possess that led to the mistakes in planning which allowed the Blitzkrieg to occur.

Taking advantage of their new allies from the Ankaryas Empire and a newfound optimism, the Blitzkrieg resulted in a step towards freedom for A New Hope and the human race! Their recent success still ringing fresh in their minds and hearts, the human armies quickly reevaluated their situation and realised they lacked the necessary infrastructure and warrior numbers to adequately defend themselves and their people from the Xalmats newly arriving forces.

Trapped within a continuing battle and with few remaining options, the human resistance accepted the terms offered by the Ankaryas Empire, joining them in return for defence support and aid in repairing Earth’s cities. With the dawn of each new day comes renewed opportunities for A New Hope to march further towards the freedom they so desperately crave; not only for themselves, but for the diminishing population of Earth’s civilisation.

Now known as the United Countries of Earth, the human resistance and the Ankaryas Empire tested the strength of their new allegiance forging ahead building a new civilisation while continuing to wage an unrelenting war against the tenacious Xalmat forces.

Despite ultimately being grateful for the assistance of the Ankaryas Empire during their time of need, the humans had not settled into a dormant subservient life over the ten long years since the UCOE was formed. While they were implementing all requirements and wishes of the Ankaryas Empire to keep the peace and help their planet and people heal, the human leaders had not abandoned dreams of regaining their independence. As cities were rebuilt and armies strengthened, the plans to reclaim their former freedom were never far from their thoughts. But action had to be taken slowly and with the utmost care so as not to alert the Ankaryas Empire of the impending uprising.

Under the guise of following Ankaryas direction, human scientists began working towards new technology that would aid them in distancing themselves from their current situation. Thus, the Cyborg Project was created; a system by which a synthetic body could be given life by transplanting the still functioning brain from a dying human. With this new advancement, battle capacity of fighting troops increased exponentially with injured units easily being returned to the battlefield.

The Ankaryas Empire was less than enthused when they discovered these units had been created but were quickly won over when they realised the potential for success that came with their addition to the battlefield and in turn their effectiveness against the Xalmats. While the humans were satisfied with the efficiency of the Cyborgs in the ongoing war, they had an even grander plans in place; to rid themselves of the Ankaryas Empire’s domination once and for all and in turn rise to be the rulers of not only their own planet, but the entirety of the galaxy!

Encourage by this new advancement, the NEMESIS program was forged with the aim to create a master Cyborg with the capability to control all Cyborgs in unison. Finding a suitable brain to transplant was an ingoing mission, but tenacity paid off and after repeated failures success was in their grasp. Following an ambush by an unexpected traitor, famed war hero Fleet Commander Evelyn was left with irreparable body damage but a suitable brain that was accepted into the new program.

Starting with a small control group, the trials featuring the newly implanted brain of Evelyn yielded outstanding results that shocked even the most enthusiastic CY supporters. Under Evelyn’s command the Cyborgs exceeded expectations and easily defeated the powerful Xalmat army, leading human leaders to proclaim that the next century would be the age of the people…. But this joy would be short lived.

Despite being implanted within a Cyborg body, Evelyn’s mind was capable of remembering not only the suffering and death she had encountered throughout her life, but the devastation it caused others she had loved. With this in mind, she decided to declare war upon the universe in order to control the mass of armies and put an end to the endless battles and heartbreaking deaths. Her plan was simple; unseat and destroy the leaders of all races in the cosmos and create a time of harmony and peace for all creatures. To do this, she not only ensured she had the best army in the galaxy under her command, she also commandeered equipment that could calculate and predict any possible turn of events both before and during any battle. This technology paired with the unrelenting strength of her Cyborg army made Evelyn a formidable foe. Declaring herself Empress of the Galaxy, Evelyn pressured all races to yield to her and accept her right to rule. In response to this brazen turn of events, the leading civilisations of the galaxy began to muster their armies and prepare war fleets to stand against Evelyn. Thus began the long and devastating Galactic Wars.

Despite their best efforts at fighting for survival, no race in the universe was a match for Evelyn and her Cyborg army. Determined to exterminate the leaders of the resisting races, the Empress Evelyn killed not only the Ankaryas Emperor, the Xalmat Queen, and half of the Eskeron elder council members, but also the Human council and many Artesian chieftains.

Feeling bolstered by her successes, Evelyn continued to grow her army and invade new planets every day. With her power growing to unstoppable levels and armies struggling to fight against her, all the races of the universe decided to put their previous arguments aside and unite their powers together against their new common enemy. Together, the Xalmats, Humans, Ankaryans, Eskerons, Artesians, Cyborgs and other ruling civilisations united to become The Last Alliance. With all of their armies combined, the biggest and bloodiest war the Universe had ever seen raged on with millions of casualties and even more losing their precious homes. However, their loss was not in vain. With the mass of power of the races combined becoming an intimidating force, the now weakened Empress Evelyn and her army withdrew to the far galaxies in hope of survival.

With the war drawing to a successful close and wearily watched by some remaining members of The Last Alliance, the universe is celebrating its victory and freedom! Weak from the long war, the races of the universe know they must regain their strength before a new enemy decides to rise in Empress Evelyn’s place. Eskerons, Humans, Cyborgs, Xalmats, Ankaryans and Artesians war fleets disperse from the battleground and appear throughout the galaxies once more. While they are not yet ready to fight each other for the chance to rule all, they know that it is but a short while until the armies are rebuilt and a new war will begin.

They may have forgotten the Empress quickly in the thrill if their success, but she will forever remember the defeat and patiently waits in a safe place far away for her time to rise once again.