In 2081, the human race, which was considerably behind in science and technology, was attacked by the Xalmat race, which was in search of new areas to satisfy their food needs. 

Galactic rage

Since the Xalmats were superior to humans, they had taken the world easily and became the lords of the 8 billion human population.

A group of people which did not surrender to the Xalmats continued their desperate struggle under the name of A New Hope resistance group.

Egyptian Gods spaceship

The irreconcilable enemies of Xalmats – the Ankaryas Empire – knew that the people were good warriors and though they did not want to cooperate with humans, they decided to help them in the war against the common foes: the Xalmats. The new weapons and technology which arrived from the Ankaryas Empire helped people to force out the Xalmat armies in a short time.

Ankaryas Empire helps human

The Xalmats did not expect that fierce attack and that is why they left only a small army on the Earth to control the humans, and that was the main reason of the blitzkrieg.

Despite the recent success against the Xalmats, the humans did not have the necessary infrastructure and the army to resist the enemy’s newly arriving additional forces. The Ankaryas Empire offered their help in the defence and rebuilding of the cities, but in return demanded the humans give in and join the Ankaryas Empire. Being in this helpless situation, the people accepted this offer. 

Under the name United Countries of Earth (UCOE), they began to build their new civilization and at the same time they continued to wage unrelenting war against the Xalmats in union with the Ankaryas Empire.

For the next 10 years, people had rebuilt their cities and armies although they still lived under the Ankaryas rule. While the human leaders were implementing all the wishes and requirements of Ankaryas Empire, the humans were preparing plans to regain their independence.

Scientists had succeeded in the Cyborg project, giving life to a synthetic body by transplanting brain from a dying person. Thanks to the Cyborgs, the battle capacity of the fighting troops increased 5-6 times, and the injured units could easily return to the battlefield. The Ankaryas Empire was against creating these units without informing them, but seeing how effective in the battlefield against the Xalmats these Cyborgs are, they turned a blind eye to this. Even though people were satisfied with the efficiency of the Cyborgs in the war, they wanted more: to get rid of Ankaryas Empire’s domination and be the rulers of the whole galaxy. That’s why they started the NEMESIS program, the aim of which was to create a main cyborg that could control all Cyborgs at the same time. After a few failed attempts, the brain of Fleet Commander Evelyn, who was a war hero and who was wounded as a result of a traitor’s ambush, accepted the new program.

The first trials had yielded outstanding results. A small group of Cyborgs under the command of Evelyn defeated the powerful army of Xalmat. Human leaders thought the new century would be the age of people, but their joy didn’t last too long. Evelyn had seen a lot of suffering and death throughout her life, and she declared war against the entire universe, in order to put an end to the battles and deaths. She felt if she destroyed the leaders of all the races, all the nations would live in harmony and peace. Evelyn had the best army of the galaxy under her command; she also had the equipment that could calculate any turn of events before and during the battle.

Evelyn declared herself the Empress of the galaxy and asked all the races to accept her rule over them. In response, the leading civilizations of the galaxy began to prepare war fleets against Evelyn. So started the Galactic Wars, which were to continue for a very long time.

The races of the universe couldn’t fight against Evelyn. The Empress Evelyn killed the Ankaryas Emperor, the Xalmat Queen, half of the Eskeron elder council members, the Human council, and many Artesian chieftains.

Evelyn’s army grew very fast and invaded new planets each day. Her power was unstoppable and it was impossible to fight against her. All the races of the universe decided to unite their powers together against her. Xalmats, Humans, Ankaryans, Eskerons, Artesians, Cyborgs and the other big civilzations united their forces together and formed The Last Alliance. It was the biggest and bloodiest war the Universe had ever seen. Millions of people were killed and millions more lost their homes. The Empress and her army couldn’t resist the combined power of all the races, so they withdrew to the far galaxies.

The Empress is not strong anymore and the war against her is finished for now. Everyone in the Universe is celebrating the victory except some of The Last Alliance members. The races of the universe are weak after the war and they have to gain strength before another enemy begins to dominate the Universe. Eskerons, Humans. Cyborgs. Xalmats, Ankaryans and Artesians war fleets are appearing on the galaxies again. They are not ready to fight each other yet, but when they build their armies again, the war will start.

They have already forgotten the Empress, but she is somewhere far away and waiting for her time to rise again.