Kibris is the smallest planet in the Akden solar system, but the richest one in the universe. The planet is filled with huge buildings full of gambling machines. In order to be able to visit this planet you must pay 100,000 Empress Credits at the entrance, otherwise you will not be able to land your spaceship on the planet, so, those without money will not have a chance to come here. You also need to have millions of credits in your account to get access to some special gambling areas. Kibris, where millions of people lose and win billions of credits a day, is managed by the Turkons, the richest organization of the universe. Unfortunately, with the beginning of the Galactic wars, all the races have turned their attention to this planet, because they all understand, the race which manages to take control over this planet, will become financially the strongest in the universe.

Native Race: Kraybar
Population: 3 billion ( 3.5 billion with gamblers )
Importance : Casino
Controlled by: Turkons
Military Power:

  • 80.000 Turkon soldier
  • Defence turrets
  • 3 War fleets