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Most discoveries confirm that humans have less intelligence than other life forms in the Galaxy. Humans don’t care about their own kind, they refuse to share with others, and easily destroy their habitat. No alien species in the Galaxy connected with Humans for thousands of years until Xalmats invaded the Earth ( A.C. 2034)

After an Independant war against XALMAT, human leaders agreed for one nation on Earth and they created the United Countries of Earth (UCOE). Their slogan is, “One Nation One Earth”.

Technology: Before Ankarya’s Empire gave their technology to humans, they were the primitive people of the Universe. Unfortunately, human scientists improved Ankarya’s technology to build stronger war machines which resulted in a creation that wielded uncontrollable power.


Population and Military Power: 90% of humans died after the war against the Xalmats and the Empress. Their population is 750 million at the moment.  85% of people are female. The male population decreased dramatically in XALMAT slaughterhouses. Women are the majority of the army. UCOE has 3 million soldiers, 55,000 mechanic war robots, and 12 war fleets.

Religion: After thousands of years of religious wars on Earth, most humans don’t believe in God anymore. Only 1% of the population believes in Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other religions. There is religious freedom on Earth.