Eskeron Galactic Rage
Eskeron Assassin

The stepchildren of the Universe – the Eskerons are experts in assassination. They are not loved by anyone, but everyone will need the representatives of this race one day. The source of income of the Eskerons, who live in the unsafe galaxy of Ponthar is neither trade, nor tourism. They assassinate the most important people for huge amounts of money and because of this, they have a strong economy. The Eskerons are governed by an Elder council consisting of nine people. If you can assassinate one of the council members, you may take that member’s place and have a say in the government of the country. However, Elder council members will receive information about your actions before you actually attack them. So, only the best and the most clever assassins can embark on an attack on the council. Actually this is why only the strongest and most intelligent people have a say in this council.

Technology: Eskerons have special technologies that are very rare because they live far away from other races. Thanks to the new hologram technology, which can make their appearance similar to the appearance of someone’s else, they can easily enter any person’s life, hide themselves or carry out an assassination.

Population and Military Power: The population of Eskeron is estimated to be over 20 billion. The Eskerons live on nine planets of the Ponthar galaxy. Each planet is ruled by an Elder council consisting of nine members. The army of Eskeron consists of 300 million soldiers, 22,000 armored vehicles, and a navy made up of 42 war ships. In addition, their assassination techniques may help them win the war before even starting it, for example, by killing the enemy commander or destroying the supplies store.

Religion: Eskerons worship the God of Sithis, Dark Mother of the Universe. Eskerons believe that Sithis will help them in their assassinations, concealment and survival, and are offering sacrifices to her. On the Eskeron planets, there are hundreds of Sithis temples and statues, and it soothes the Eskeron people when they pray to Sithis throughout the day.