Evelyn | Galactic Rage
Fleet Commander Evelyn

Evelyn was born in one of the Xalmat farms as a slave. She never knew her mother or father. She was serving Xalmat soldiers since she could remember. Xalmats use female humans as servants until they can physically get pregnant. She was living in a cage, serving the ugly creatures everyday, tortured by them, and humiliated by them.

When she was 7, she was thinking of ending her life. However, one morning, she woke up to the sound of gunfire. She couldn’t understand how humans could access the weapons that could slay her masters, and couldn’t believe that humans could fight against the Xalmats let alone defeat them. She then decided to be one of the human soldiers, wearing their armor, using their guns and killing those who tortured her.

The Ankaryas Empire helped humans defeat Xalmats but the Xalmat would not give up. Humans were weak so they accepted Ankaryas Empire’s rule. For the next ten years, humans started to build their civilisations. When she was 17, Evelyn registered to join the infantry. Her physical and mental points were better than everyone in the training camp, and she easily attracted her Commander’s attention. The Commander felt she was too good for the infantry, so he chose her for the Air Force, since it was difficult to find talented fighters at that time.


Empress Evelyn | Galactic Rage
Empress Evelyn

When she was 22, Evelyn joined her first battle and hit 12 Xalmat fighter ships, and saved her friends’ lives. She was both talented and ambitious and became very successful as a fighter.

When she was 25, she was the Assistant Captain. When she was 28, she became Captain for the greatest warship “Earth Destroyer”. After two years, she was commanding a war fleet. She was one of the greatest commanders in human history. Sadly, she couldn’t run away from death, as Xalmats hired the best assassins in the universe to kill her. She was ambushed by assassins and killed when she was 33.

Every dead or heavily injured soldier’s body is donated to the Military Cyborg program. Doctors knew Evelyn was special and they decided to use her brain for a new program named ”NEMESIS”. The humans were trying to create a motherboard Cyborg for command other Cyborgs. The motherboard Cyborg’s brain would be connected to all the other Cyborgs, so it could see what they see, and send them new orders in less than a second. Tactically and strategically, Evelyn would be able to see and control the battlefield very quickly. If the program was successful, the Cyborg’s capacity for battle would increase 300%.

Doctors were right; Evelyn’s brain successfully accepted the program and connected all the cyborgs. Human leaders thought it was the beginning of the new era: finally, Earth will not need to be ruled by the Ankaryas Empire or the Xalmats anymore.

Their happiness didn’t last long, however, as Evelyn and her Cyborgs attacked the human council and killed all of the human leaders. Earth surrendered to Evelyn in two days. She believes if she rules the universe, there will be no more war. She requested all the races in the universe surrender to her, assuring that the universe will be peaceful forever under her rule. No one accepted her request, and instead, prepared their war fleets to attack Evelyn.

Evelyn knew her Cyborg army was extremely strong but not strong enough to fight against everyone. She connected herself to every single war robot and warship on the planet and gained the ultimate power. She now controls her army, doing it better than any Commander in the universe.

She declared herself Empress of the Universe and is now preparing for the final war. She will bring the peace to the universe, but only after all of the races kneel front of her!