In the seemingly never-ending battle, the fight rages on bitterly with soldiers from many races trying their hardest to gain the upper hand. While the Humans are the superior fighters with the ability to consider tactics and formulate strategies with ease, the Xalmats have larger numbers and heal themselves faster to continue their assault almost immediately. With the humans already contending with this Xalmat ability to regenerate on the battlefield, the Ankaryas Empire’s demand for resources and more soldiers in other areas adds further strain to an already tense army that is detrimental to the success of the battle. In an attempt to find a way to strengthen their troops once and for all, the Human leader Amanda Gorge assembles her top scientists to build a lab in the Handanor system. Tasked with the goal of creating a new type of soldier that would be unbeatable in any battle, the scientists begin work to allow human brains to be connected to the supercomputer to make a soldier like the universe had never seen. They worked tirelessly for many years before utilizing the brains of injured human soldiers for their experiments and finally creating the first prototype. Able to function at 20% more capacity than a regular human brain and with faster reflexes and thinking ability, the prototype was a success. Fixed in units that can be easily repaired and recycled as long as the host brain remains intact, these Cyborgs have no memories of their human lives and are therefore a blank canvas to be trained entirely in service of the human army.



Thrilled with the success of her scientists, Amanda Gorge authorized the use of the first prototypes on the battlefield and was met with fantastic results. Excited by the possibilities this new technology offered, all injured brains were utilized and mass production began on the new Cyborg system. This advancement changed the war, altering the balance of power within the battle with over one hundred thousand Cyborgs joining the human army over the coming years. However, despite the Human leaders having a new advantage over their adversaries, they were still under Ankaryas rule and deeply unhappy. The Cyborgs were fantastic in battle and a truly impressive scientific marvel, but were not yet strong enough to successfully challenge the Ankaryas empire and end their reign.

While the Cyborg experiments had been a huge success resulting in near-unbeatable fighters that could be easily fixed, they could do little more than blindly follow human orders. This inspired a new wave of experiments, trialing a new project for a single leader Cyborg who would be able to control all Cyborg soldiers under it. The Human scientists kept attempting to create an unbeatable, stronger robot, but the human brain could only handle so much power and each experiment would subsequently fail. The scientists needed a resilient and powerful mind to survive the process, and when the war hero Evelyn fell in battle an opportunity presented itself that could not be missed. Considered the greatest among the Humans, Evelyn was a strong candidate for being able to handle the experiments and the power that would come with the new technology. Admiral Evelyn was the successful final experiment, resulting in a stronger and more powerful Cyborg than ever seen before. With her strong strategic mind and reputation for cunning ruthlessness, Evelyn’s brain capacity expanded 200%, making her the most formidable leader ever seen in any army. Able see through the eyes of every connected Cyborg, Evelyn’s ability to see all angles of the battlefield at one time made it easy for her to create the ultimate strategy to win every fight. However, her intelligence came at a cost to the very Humans who had created her. Too smart to remain a complacent pawn in the Human’s plan, Admiral Evelyn began to have her own ideas about how to fix the many wars that ravage the universe. Realizing that wars were begun by those who sought more power and authority such as the Humans, Xalmats and the Ankaryas Empire, Evelyn decided the greatest strategy to bring peace was to eliminate those in power and take control herself. Putting her brutal plan into place, she killed the Human leaders and took control over the people. This started the largest war the universe had ever seen, which raged for many years. In her quest for domination, Evelyn invaded countless planets and slaughtered numerous leaders to take control of the races they oversaw and the armies at their disposal. This ruthlessness ensured her army grew fast, and the Humans knew that they could not beat her unassisted. This led to them devising a cunning plan to create a virus which would bring the Cyborg’s Human memories back and hopefully put an end to them fighting alongside their vicious leader. Realizing it would be impossible to upload this virus to each Cyborg individually, the Humans decided that if Evelyn herself was infected, she would in turn spread the virus to all the Cyborgs in her command. This itself would prove to be an impossible task without someone near to Evelyn aiding the Humans, which is why a group of Human soldiers were tasked with kidnapping General Hope, Evelyn’s best man. Nicknamed Gravedigger, General Hope’s Human memories were restored and he was easily convinced that he was an essential part of the plan to overthrow Evelyn. Glad to see the end of her damaging rule, the Gravedigger successfully uploaded the virus to Evelyn and started the process of closing the connection she had with the other Cyborgs.

After the spread of the virus, many Cyborgs killed themselves when they remembered their previous lost humanity, while the rest abandoned Evelyn and travelled far to the planet Zurn in the Holon system to build new lives free from conflict. With her advanced mind, Evelyn has foreseen this happening, and had built herself millions of war robots for her own army. Cyborgs at the new planet began to build their new civilization to remain away from the war and other destruction, but Evelyn would not allow this to happen. Attacking Zurn, she destroyed many of the free Cyborgs. With the Gravedigger’s leadership, some were able to flee from the genocide Evelyn had begun and joined the Last Alliance, determined to fight against her alongside the other races. Their numbers were not many, but with their strengths and abilities they were a major help to the Alliance and the other fighters. The war raged intensely for many years before the Last Alliance was successful in their goal to beat Evelyn’s army, with the vicious Cyborg leader fleeing to the furthest reaches of the galaxy weak from defeat.

Once the war was won, most of the now free races of the universe recognized the power of the Cyborgs and wanted to gain control over them to make their own armies stronger. However, the Cyborgs knew the dangers of this control and resisted, craving the independence of their own free culture. Willing to fight and die for this freedom rather than be enslaved once more to a tyrannical leader, they chose to follow the Gravedigger as they continue to strive for control over their own existence.