The first Cyborgs were created by mounting synthetic matters in the brains of heavily injured soldiers. Though the brain functions could be restored this way, people lost the memories of their past lives. The Cyborg’s memories came back with a virus program created by the people in the war, and many of them broke out of the control of Evelyn and established a separate unity. They created their first colony on Planet X under the command of Admiral Von Kraus. Although the Admiral was their first leader, the Cyborgs now make decisions democratically through discussion. And thanks to their network, they easily communicate with each other to make decisions. Shortly after the establishment of their civilization, the cyborgs began to offer their help to the severely injured or ill people from all the races, expanding their civilization this way. Of course, the Cyborgs demanded from every individual serve their country in exchange for the reward of healing them and making them immortal.

Technology: The Cyborgs are the race which know the advanced technology of the Empress and her army better than any other. Thanks to the computer embedded into them, they work, think and make decisions much faster than other races. Since their bodies are resistant to damage and can be repaired, they have many advantages in war.

Population and Military Power: Evelyn had an army of 400,000 Cyborgs under her command. As a result of spreading a virus, 60,000 of them broke away from Evelyn and set up their own Cyborg civilization. Now, together with once ill and injured people who chose to join them, the population of the Cyborg civilization has reached 5 million. Since each Cyborg is trained in combat techniques from the computer it is connected to, each individual has deep knowledge about the war. With 5 million Cyborg soldiers, 350,000 tanks and 80 war ships, this army is considered to be one of the strongest in the entire Universe.

Religion: Though many of the Cyborgs have lost their faith in God, some still believe in the religion they believed in their past life.