The Artesians stayed away from Universe politics for a thousand years until the Empress’s war fleet appeared in their sky. Artesians have a different lifestyle and culture than other races in the galaxy. They don’t have any Queen, national leader or council – they have tribes. Their planet Eskisur is home for all the tribes. Every tribe has their own rules and their own Chief. They don’t interact with each other’s tribes much, unless their homeland is in danger, then they help each other and fight together. Artesians don’t have male and female genders like other races; they are all female, although they can become pregnant whenever they wish. Their culture is such that before becoming pregnant they must gain their tribe’s approval.

Technology: Artesians live in small shacks, sleep on the floor, use bows and arrows, ride their rhinos for transport, and eat from raw food from the ground and trees. It doesn’t mean they don’t have any technology, they choose this lifestyle; and happy to live that way. They use bows and arrows, are incredibly talented and never miss their target, and their special arrows can destroy the strongest armor. Although they don’t have advanced technology like Ankaryas Empire or Xalmats, they are not primitive like cavemen. They are dangerous and deadly!


Enelya | Galactic Rage

Population and Military Power: Thousands of tribes live on the planet, some tribes have ten people, some of them have thousands. Their total population is around one billion. Half of the Artesians population is trained for battle. Their feet look like Earth horse hooves which allows them to run extreme fast. It is difficult to hit them and impossible to catch them. They can see a kilometre away and they can smell 10 kilometres away. If a Artesian Ranger wants to hunt you, she will definitely catch you. 300 million Rangers and 80 million heavy cavalry are ready to protect their homeland Eskisur.

Religion: They don’t believe in any gods, they believe in nature, as nature gives them everything: food, medicine, life, and companion animals. the Artesian lifespan is hundreds of years and when they start getting old, they decide to leave the tribe and walk to the Mountain of Faith. No one returns from the mountain. The Artesian believe that sacrificing their bodies back to nature keeps their homeland Eskisur lush and prosperous forever!

Artesian army defend their land against Empress's attack