Goddess Ta-Bitjet

A wide held belief popular in the universe is that the Ankaryas are the oldest of all the races; existing before even the ever-watchful semigods. A race unlike any other, they are born without physical form and instead exist as shapeless and faceless entities. Choosing to take on the form of any species that most catches their attention, the Ankaryans have been known to present as a mix of more than one of the species inhabiting a planet. Having discovered Earth in their travels and spending over a millennium on this planet with areas so similar to their own, many Ankaryas present physically as what is now widely recognized as the ancient Egyptian Gods. The most famous of these include King Anubis, a combination of human and greyhound and Horus, who drew inspiration from the falcon. But that’s not to say that all the Ankaryas inhabitants chose to emulate animals when deciding their physical form. The one known as Cleopatra loved human form the best and chose it for its beauty, while the formidable Ti-Bitjet is unique not only for her mental abilities, but also for her presentation as a combination of vicious scorpion and one from the Nareldes race.

Anubis - Galactic Rage

According to kept records and memories of known knowledge, the Ankaryans were long enslaved to the leader of the Germiyan Empire, Seldemar. They were in his service for a thousand years before tiring of their lives of enslavement and planning an ultimately unsuccessful coup against the Emperor. Leaving many of their people dead and defeated when they were unable to end Seldemar’s reign, the few remaining of the Ankaryas race fled for their final chance at freedom.

In their search for a place to rest and recoup their losses, the Ankaryans discovered the then primitive planet Earth. With this planet being so far behind technologically, the Ankaryans arriving in their fantastic ships with such advanced technologies were quickly considered to be Gods by the ancient Egyptians who watched them descend from the sky. For a race so long considered servants, this treatment was beyond their wildest dreams. Revelling in their status as Gods, the Ankaryans stayed in Earth for over a millennium, and became a long-living legend taught to each new generation of Earth children. However, as much the Ankaryans enjoyed their new status when news came of the death of the Emperor and the fall of the Germiyan empire they decided to leave Earth and return to their home planet once more.


Led by their beloved King Anubis, the Ankaryans lived happily back on the planet Ankarya once more. But it wasn’t long before King Anubis’ ambition led to the exploration of his army and the beginning of the Ankaryas Empire that came with conquering of so many new planets. By Earth date 2038, the Ankaryas Empire held in its grasp 1716 planets and 436 different races. With all actions needing to be supported by the council of the universe, when the Xalmats requested approval to invade Earth King Anubis was furious that his former home would be ruled by another race. Despite his best efforts to change the mind of the council members, he was unsuccessful and the Xalmat forces moved forwards with their invasion of the now modern planet Earth.

Egyptian Gods spaceship


Unable to attack Xalmat forces directly without inciting war and angering the Council by breaking their command, Anubis decided to help Earth in secret by sending agents to support human efforts at freedom and provide them with the weapons they needed to fight the Xalmat forces. By introducing humans to these new weapons that were able to penetrate Xalmat armour and begin a fair fight, the Ankaryans were instrumental in the Xalmat defeat.

Despite the Xalmats being defeated by human forces, King Anubis knew that Earth was a grand prize, and one that the leader of the Xalmats would not so easily surrender. Predicting that the Xalmats would be returning with a larger army to secure Earth as their own, Anubis decided to invite Earth to join him in his Empire. As part of Ankaryas Empire, Earth was safe from Xalmat attack as this would lead to a bitter battle against a now strong and prepared army.

Xkranta, queen of Xalmats, was furious at the loss of Earth and considered it a great betrayal that they had joined the Ankaryas Empire. Bringing the matter before council, Xkranta was angered by the ruling that the Ankaryas Empire’s act was legal, with the council announcing that the Humans had beaten the Xalmats fairly and were ultimately free to choose to join the Ankaryas. More furious than she had ever been before, Queen Xkranta decided to ignore council ruling and declare war on the Ankaryans. Far from being upset at this bold declaration of war, King Anubis was thrilled that Xkranta had defied the council and had guaranteed the Ankaryas Empire would have their support. But Anubis was too hasty in his excitement. Underestimating the power of the Xalmat army and its leader, the Ankaryans were not able to defeat the Xalmats easily and the war raged on. During the two long decades of this war, human technology evolved and led to the creation of the formidable Cyborgs. With the addition of the Cyborgs in the human army, the fairness of the fight changed in favour of the humans as the Cyborgs could well match the Xalmat forces and win in battle. What all parties were unprepared for, however, was for the Cyborgs to then turn on their creators and begin to explore their power. Easily overtaking the humans, the cyborgs then set their sights on overthrowing the Ankaryas rule.

Recognising the danger posed by the Cyborgs, Anubis wanted to act quickly to end the attack before too much damage was done. Having taken control of the humans, the Cyborgs were revelling in their position of power when Anubis came to intervene and seize control of the army. Even though Anubis’ army was easily ten times the size of the cyborg fleet, they were matched by the genius of the Cyborg leader Evelyn and quickly crushed. Anubis was not expecting this defeat, and unable to escape he was killed on the battlefield by Evelyn herself.

The Ankaryas Empire was as shocked by this crushing defeat as they were by the news of King Anubis’ death, and were weaker than ever before. With the loss of this power, the different races of the Empire decided to try to break free and live freely as they had once before. Not all races had wanted to be a part of the Empire when they were included, and with breakdown of leadership and power came a new chance at escape. This unrest could not come at a worse time for the Ankaryans, with the throne up for grabs and the passionate Ta-Bitjet the forerunner for rule. However, she was not alone in the race for the throne, putting her at risk from the dirty tactics of both leadership hopefuls Horus and Sobek.

Ta-Bitjet endured many threats and assassination attempts before realising how serious Horus and Sobek were in their efforts to take control of the throne. This marked the beginning of many long, hard years for Ti-Bitjet, with Evelyn’s attack, the attempts at her life from her own people, and also the ongoing rebellion within the Empire an everlasting strain. Losing half of her Empire in the rebellion, she had also lost much support to Horus and Sobek in their grab for the leadership. Seeing her chance at success dwindling, Ta-Bitjet decided to join the allegiance in the enduring fight against Evelyn. It was a brutal and bloody war, but successful with the defeat of Evelyn. With the defeat of a now weak Evelyn, many races in the universe saw a chance to gain the control she once wielded. Ta-Bitjet saw this as her chance to regather her empire and regain power.