Galactic Rage


Designed by Izmir Studios

Galactic Rage is a competitive, medium weight strategy and diplomacy board game.

2-6 players | 60-90 min. | ages 14+

War Academy - Galactic Rage
Marketplace - Galactic Rage
Cyborg - Galactic Rage

Galactic Rage is a science fiction board game based on strategy, diplomacy and conquest for 2-6 players.

Each player takes the role of a General controlling the forces of one of a number of unique races inhabiting a universe whose balance is threatened by a ruthless entity known only as The Empress. Each player starts the game with a limited supply of resources and military units in their base and it is up to them as to how they develop their strategy to have a chance of become the dominant force in the universe. The game has 5 different paths for players: Quests, which result in stronger ground forces, raids can improve your space fleets effectiveness, trade will benefit income, espionage enables you to steal from your opponents and tactics give military advantages on the field of battle. You can become a master of one approach or take a more balanced approach and combine a number of such tactics.

The game is played across 4 different galaxies and 32 unique planets, each one giving different advantages and challenges to each player.

Featured Components:

  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Battlefield board (double sided)
  • 1 Rule book
  • 6 Race dashboards
  • 6 Ground units upgrade cards
  • 6 Air units upgrade cards
  • 45 Quest cards
  • 45 Raid cards
  • 18 Empress cards
  • 36 Trade ship cards
  • 36 War ship cards
  • 32 Planet cards
  • 60 War tactics cards
  • 6 hero miniatures (planning)
  • 6 unit miniatures (planning)
  • 1 12 sided dice 
  • 1 6 sided dice

The key to doing well in the game is using the planets around you to best serve your own preferred strategies and style of play. Those who see wealth as being the key to success will see Kibris, the location of the biggest casino in the galaxy, or the endless markets of Asitane as being an essential asset in their master plan. Those intending to run covert operations will look to the assassin training camps of Denizlili as being integral to their goal, others might identify control of the natural resources of Zanzaldar as being the key to their war effort.

And those are just a few examples; every strategy, every attitude, every approach will rely on the control of different combinations of planets to drive their plan. Control of the right planets is essential and timing is everything. Act too slowly and you will find the planet you require already conquered and you will have to change your tactics, become too powerful too quickly and you will find other players joining together in an alliance against you. Thus the strongest player isn’t always going to be able to play the winning hand unchecked and similarly even the weakest player, left unnoticed, might find themselves in a position to make the winning strategic move.

Empress Evelyn | Galactic Rage

And of course all this is played out against the threat of The Empress, a non-player force controlled through the games card mechanism, and her plans of total domination of the universe. It is important to know which battles to fight, against which opponent and when is the most appropriate time.

But of course there can be only one winner, that being the first player to control a galaxy outright so beware that alliances will only get you so far and at some point any opponent might be about betray you.

It’s a game which caters for all styles of play and which allows you to build your empire through whichever strategy suits you best. Hide in the shadows and steal from other players or use your assassins to strike silently at the heart of a rival army. Have the biggest military force to dominate the field of battle or accumulate the most wealth and buy your way into power. Control the key planets and make your opponents dependant on you and form temporary alliances to further ever-changing, mutual goals.

Essentially it’s a game of choices, but only by making the right ones will you will win the game.